Louis (Age 13): It’s obvious that being Louis’ little sister will make your life full of mischief, excitement and energy, but even Louis gets tired sometimes. “Come on babe, i know you’re tired, i can see you falling asleep.” He mumbles. You shake your head tiredly, trying to keep your eyes open. “I’m not tired Lou.” You fought back. He shook his head laughing, he stood up from the couch and picked you up bridal style to carry you up to your bedroom. He set you on the bed, changed you into your pajamas and tucked you in. “You didn’t have to do that Lou. I can change myself.” “I know love, i just know how tired you are and that you probably would’ve slept in your clothes if i left you here.. now go to sleep,” He kissed your forehead and started to leave until you whispered, “I love you Boobear..” making him stop and reply, “I love you too, Carebear,”

Harry (Age 6): "(Y/N) please, get your pajama shorts on!" He fussed as you ran past him once again, bottomless, with only your pants on. You giggled and his in his closet behind his rack of jeans. You could hear his heavy footsteps coming closer and closer to where you were hiding. "Come out, come out wherever you are." He whisper-yells before he opens the closet doors with force and grabs you, lifting you up in the air and tickling you. Your giggles filled his flat like an alarm, but he loved it. Once he stopped, he carried you to your brand new ‘Big-girl’ bed and plopped you down on it. He slipped on your small shorts and covered you in your blankets. "Hazza?" You said in your tiny voice that he could only just hear. "Yes baby?" He grabbed your small hand in his. "Thankyou for my big-girl bed.." You whispered, shutting your eyes. "Anything for you. But you’ll always be my baby girl." 

Liam (Six months old): You started screaming once more, three times in the past hour and a half. Anyone else would hate this, but since your dad left and your mum died giving birth to you, Liam was more than willing to take care of you, He thinks your a miracle and even if it means staying up all night or missing a day off work or spending hundreds on you, he’ll do it. He picked you up and started rocking you back and forth in his arms. He gives up on staying in your room so he takes you into his, laying you on his chest and laying down himself. “Shh, please sle-..” he whispered, but before he could finish, he heard a small snore fall from your lips. He smiled, falling asleep himself. From then on, up until you were 5, you slept on Liams chest, because it was where you felt most safe. 

Zayn (Age 15): "Come home (Y/N), i’m sorry for what i said, you’re my little sister, i didn’t mean any of it! I promise, just please, come home." Zayn pleaded through the phone. You and him got into a fight at his house that you live in now, ending in him shouting that he wishes you weren’t born. That hurt you. But you knew that it was only in the heat of the moment, that’s why, while you were listening to Zayn plead and cry, you were already on the doorstep. You knocked on the door, hanging up the phone at the same time. Zayn opened it, his eyes red and puffy, tear stained cheeks and even more tears falling as he took you in his arms and dragged you inside, shutting the door. "I’m so, so sorry (Y/N)!" He mumbled over and over again. "It’s fine Zayn, i know you didn’t mean it. Lets go sleep yeah? I’m tired, you look it too.." 

Niall (Age 17): You and Niall had just got back from your mum’s funeral. You were both so broken, you were meant to say a speech, but Niall had to help you finish it. You ran straight to your bedroom, grabbed your pillow and cried. Cried and cried until it felt like you had drained yourself of the fluid. You then heard a knock at your door, followed by Niall in his pajama trousers only. “Are you okay princess?” he asked quietly, you shook your head in response. He climbed into bed next to you. You let go of your pillow and latched onto Niall instead, burying your head into his chest. “What are we going to do Ni?” You whimpered. “We’ll be fine, you’ve got me and i’ve got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Just sleep, it’ll be better in the morning.” He started to hum ‘Little Things’ to you, making you fall into the best sleep you’ve had in a few weeks.