Louis: “No, you’re my baby sister! You can’t be married before me! Or to a guy I don’t particularly like! Just no!” Louis stressed, he’s been like this for days, all because of your wedding, which was in about fifteen minutes. “Lou, please calm down. Please?” You pleaded. He stopped his pacing to look at you. “Okay… (Y/N), I love you, I really do, but you’re my baby girl! You’re my sister who tries to eat the bubbles in the bath and who runs around half naked refusing to got to sleep! You’re my sis who picks fight at everything! Not my grown up little sister who’s getting married and starting a new life without me!” He rambled. You stood on your tiptoes, kissed the tip of his nose then smiled at him. “That was when I was about 5. That was twenty years ago Louis. I love you too but you need to let me go now.” You reasoned. He nodded, kissing your forehead then whispering “you’re still my baby sister..”

Harry:”The brides brother, also one of my friends, would like to say a few words.” Your newly wed husband, Jensen, announced to the guests. You smiled as Jensen sat down and Harry stood up, you looked to your side to look up at him while he spoke. “Well, this is fun right? I remember when (Y/N) used to plead me to play dress up and she’s wear a wedding dress, saying that it was the dress she’d wear to her wedding. I always hoped she’d find someone to treat her right, and the way she deserves. My good pal Jensen here will Do that, I know he will. You may be a bride now, a grown up girl who now has another guy in her life to take care of you, but you will always be my baby sister with the crazy fear of bananas. A toast to (Y/N)!”

Liam: “Liam, I don’t think I can do this… I can’t… But I have too, but I’m stressing out!” You paced up and down outside the doors. You had overheard from one of the guests say that your soon-to-be-husband had cheated on you a few weeks ago. You were now thinking of whether or not to actually go through with it. Liam grabbed your shoulders, making you look at him. “(Y/N), do you love Aaron?” He asked, you looked at him confused. “Of course I do! What kind of question is that?!” He rolled his eyes. “Do you trust him?” You actually had to think about this. “Yes. I do..” “So do i! Do you really think that the way he treats you means he’s cheated?” You felt a little guilty now. “No…” You mumbled. “Then get in there And marry the guy!”

Zayn: You looked in the full length mirror at yourself. The glistening sparkle of the sequins on your white dress made you feel like you were in a Disney movie, like you were the princess. Your small, shiny tiara shimmered on your head, hiding halfway under your perfectly curled ringlets. You couldn’t help but smile, your cheeks were hurting but you’d still smile until you die. You’re getting married. “You beautiful girl. Too bad you’re not going to be mine any longer.” Zayn said from the doorway. “You’ll have a new guy to boss around, to love, to play with, to watch movies with… You’ll just forget about me..” He added. You sighed and gestured for him to come closer, which he did. “I will never forget about my big brother. Never. And what if we say, every other Friday is Zayn and (Y/N) movie night..” You suggested. He smiled, hugged you, Then pulled back. “You really are beautiful, Dad would be proud..” He sighed, making you tear up a little. “I hope so.” You reply.

Niall: Niall was on your right holding your arm, Matt( your other brother)was on your left doing the same. “Why didn’t you want dad to give you away?” Matt asked. You shrugged, “To be honest, you guys mean more to me than anything, even dad.” You answered. “You love me most right?” Niall questioned. You smiled and replied with, “I love you both equally.” “No, you love me so much more than Niall.” Matt argued. “Nope! She loves me more!” Niall fought back. Matt was about to speak again until the music started to play and the first set of bridesmaids walked into the hall. “I love you both so much.” You whispered as the last set of bridesmaids walked out. You started to walk behind them, while Niall leant in a little bit, “you love me more though, right?”

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