(All age 15)

Louis: You sat on the toilet lid searching through the cupboards to find your ‘lady stuff’, as the stupidest time of the month has rolled round again. But this time, you’ve ran out of pads, and your mum isn’t home, just Louis, your older brother. You sighed as you pulled on your sassiest face you know and decided not to take any ‘It’s embarrassing’ crap. “LOUIS!” You yelled, making it echo through the house. You heard his footsteps bounce up the stairs, nearing the bathroom. He opened the door, panic on his face as he looked at you. “What?! What’s happened, are you okay? Are you bleeding?” He fussed, you rolled your eyes. “Yes. I am bleeding.” You said in a monotone, his eyes grew wider. “Where!?” “Out of my vagina. I need pads, go get me some.” You stated, once again in a bland voice. His face turned a little red as he looked down. “But… (Y/N).. i don’t like doing that..” He whined. You stood up and pulled your nose up at him, “Fine then. I’ll go, as a fifteen year old i’ll go to the store about a mile away and buy my own pads, then walk back where i could be jumped by some random guys. Fine.” You started to walk out when Louis caught your arm, you turned to him, he was smirking at you. “You’ve learnt your sass well, young one. I’ll go get them. Be back soon.” He kissed the top of your head, leaving you smiling and jumping back to your bedroom.

Harry: You tossed the tampon wrapper in the bin and walked out of the bathroom, running down the stairs to the kitchen, since your mind was saying that you wanted donuts right now. You walked past your sleeping brother on the couch and into the kitchen, taking the doughnut box out of the cupboard and biting into one. “I think you’ll find that those are my doughnuts.” Said a drowsy voice in the doorway. You turned to see Harry, smiling and rubbing his eyes. “What are you even doing? It’s half eight in the morning and you’re eating doughnuts?” He questioned. “Shut up Harry. I’m eating because i can, problem? No, i don’t think there is. Now move.” You demanded as you pushed past him into the living room. You sat on the couch, turned the Tv on and watched whatever was on, which happened to be a re-run of an older Supernatural episode, which you weren’t complaining about. “Ah, mum warned me about the rest of this week, it’s period week, isn’t it?” He asked, laughing a bit. The looked up at him and shyly nodded. He ‘awwe’d and sat next to you. “Don’t worry, Harry’s here.” He cooed, snuggling you into his chest. You laughed, but just let it happen. Cuddly Harry is the best Harry.

Liam: "I don’t see why you’re shouting (Y/N)! All i did was use my fork!" Liam retaliated. You clenched your jaw and tensed all of your muscles. “Yeah, but i don’t see why you have to use a fork! What stupid fear is a fear of spoons Liam! A REALLY WEIRD ONE!" You shouted back. He stood his ground, but he looked a little hurt. Probably because his little sister is telling him that his fear is weird and he is too, even though he’s had enough of that in his past. "(Y/N)! What is up with you?! Why would you say that? You’ve always been my supportive little sister, you’ve loved me through everything and I’ve loved you back! Why is it every month or so you get so moody?…Oh…wait a minute…." He said, his cheeks getting redder by the second. You put your hands on your hips and looked at him, smirking a little. "You’re on your period aren’t you?" He asked. You smiled and nodded. You walked up to him, wrapped your arms around his torso and hugged him, burying your head in his chest. "I,m sorry Li, I promise I don’t mean any of the things I say… I just get a little overwhelmed." You reassured. He nodded, kissed the top of your head then smiled at you. "Let’s go get some ice-cream then, huh?"

Zayn: You were currently curled up in a fetal position on your bed at three in the morning. It was to early to wake Zayn up, since you were sleeping at his house and he had a hard day, so you decided to wait the cramps out. Crying silent tears was what you’ve been doing for about half an hour, just because you wanted your brother to sleep well and not be bothered about you. The pain in your abdomen was getting unbearable so you thought letting of some steam would help, so you opened your mouth and tried to whimper. A small one was what you tried to do, so that it still wouldn’t wake Zayn, but what came out instead sounded like a dying whale. You clamped your mouth shut and squeezed your eyes closed, even though tears were still pouring out. A few seconds later Zayn’s echoing thumps came through your door, shutting it after him. A weight was pressed onto the mattress next to you and you were pulled into Zayn’s arms. Your head was now on his chest and his hands were soothing your stomach. “I-I didn’t w-want to wake you..” You whimpered softly. He shushed you quietly, telling you to try and sleep. “You should’ve woke me, i don’t mind sleeping with you, I just hate seeing you in pain.. Now try to sleep munchkin.. I’ll be here the whole time.” He told you. You smiled a little, starting to fall asleep to the gentle humming from Zayn.

Niall: You laid on Niall’s couch, on your back. You were watching a random Disney channel show, since Niall left to get you food, but your attention was on the uncomfortableness that you were feeling right now. You shifted onto your left side, to see if it would be better. Nada. Your right side? Now you can’t see the TV. You’re front? Uncomfortable, again. How about upside down? The blood rushed to your head, which was horrible but then again at least it’s going the complete opposite way of which it’s supposed to go, making it a bit better. Suddenly Niall burst through the door, shutting it after him, then he ran to the kitchen. You stood up and followed him, curiosity overtaking you. You reached the kitchen and saw two bags packed full with food, Niall rummaged through the draws to find spoons, the biggest ones he had. You picked out two huge tubs of ice-cream, chocolate & Strawberry. He turned to you, holding the two spoons and smiling at you. “Shall we watch a movie and pig out?” He asked in a posh ‘trying to be British voice’. You smiled and nodded “We shall.”

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