Louis: You flattened out your light green, knee length bridesmaids dress. Eleanor may look like she has style, but those clothes are picked out by her own stylist. When it comes to doing it herself, you end up looking like the Grinch’s daughter. “You look beautiful!” Eleanor gushed. You winced but replied with “yeah… I sure do..” you smiled half-heartedly. She squealed as she saw her mum down the corridoor and ran to her. You took this chance to go and find Louis. “Louis! Louis where are you?!” You shouted through the halls. “(Y/N)?” You heard him call from one room. You sighed and ran to that door, barging in. There stood all five boys looking at you confused. But then they all started laughing. “(Y/N)? What on earth are you wearing? Go change into your bridesmaid dress!” He started to shoo you out the door, but you turned to him and stood your ground. “Louis. This is the bridesmaids dress.” You said through gritted teeth. His eyes popped, as did the other boys’. “Oh… Oh shit (Y/N) they look terrible.” You laughed, “Yeah, at least you’re not the one who has to wear it.They’ll all laugh at me.” You sighed. He pulled you into his arms and rested his chin on your head. “It’ll be fine, if anyone does laugh it’ll be because of Eleanor’s crappy choice of dress.” He smiled, making you laugh once more.

Harry: "We want you to walk with Ashton alright?" Harry questioned. You smiled and nodded. Harry had insisted for the 5Sos boys to be his best men with the rest of the 1D boys but he wanted the 5Sos’ to walk with the bridesmaids, you had asked the boys to get Ashton to walk with you since you and Ashton had a thing going on anyway. You walked away smiling. Krystin (Harry’s made-up fiancee) wore a puffy pink dress, and all you bridesmaids wore long white dresses. Ashton walked over to you smiling. He offered out his arm, which you took. “M’lady, you look wondrous." He said in a posh English accent, you laughed and mimicked his accent. “You don’t look to bad yourself," He looked quite handsome in his black suit and hot pink tie. He was leaning down already as you started to stand on your tiptoes, your lips touched for a moment before you pulled away because of Gemma who was standing infront of you with Luke. “Aww, anyone would think it’s you two getting married!" She commented, you stuck your tongue out at your immature older sister.

Liam: After Danielle broke up with Liam and broke his heart, you didn’t particularly like her. And to hear that it was her Liam was marrying, you were the happiest person ever. Actually, quite the opposite. You hated it. So much that much to Liam’s hopes and dreams, you refused to be her bridesmaid. So now you were sitting in Liam’s dressing room watching him and the other boys compliment eachother. You sat on the chair in the corner and you started playing temple run on your phone. You heard someone sigh and then your phone was taken away from you. You stood up and tried to reach it from Harry’s grasp but he held it above his head. You sighed and was just about to walk away until you heard a broken voice speak. “Why wouldn’t you do this for me? Just this once?” You turned to see Liam, looking at you confused but he also looked like he was going to cry. “I’m sorry Liam, i really am but i just don’t like Danielle! She hurt you, i don’t know how many times in the past, what makes you think that she won’t again? And for that reason i sure as hell am not going to be her petty little bridesmaid.” You explained, he looked even more hurt than before. You suddenly felt bad so you ran to him and jumped on him. You wrapped your legs around him and your arms around his neck, burying your head into his neck. “Liam, i’m so sorry, I love you so much, and i’m happy that you’re happy, but i just don’t like her..”

Zayn: Perrie looked stunning. Like she always had but this was even better. You as her maid of honour was wearing a light pink fluffy at the waist dress, that you loved. Right now your hair was being done by Perrie’s mum. “You look amazing munchkin.” She said before she said that she was done. You stood up and looked in the full length mirror, “Oh wow.. I actually look presentable for once in my life.” You laughed. Perrie turned you to face her and held you at shoulders length. “You’ve always been presentable, you’re so cute!” She pulled you in for a tight hug, which you accepted. Even before the marriage you and Perrie were like sisters. “Lets go get you married to my brother!” You shouted leading her and the other girls to the hall way

Niall: “Ashley, you’ll be fine! Quit worrying!” You told Niall’s fiancé, also your friend. She was pacing around the room, fretting about today. “(Y/N), I really don’t know.. What if I mess up my vows?” She stood wide eyes and turned to you. “What If I fall? That would be the most embarrassing thing ever!” She started pacing again. I looked over at Zayn, who was trying to help but it didn’t really work. “(Y/N) i dont think i can do it! Just, tell Niall im sorry!” You stopped her by holding her shoulders and looking her dead in the eye. “Ashley. You. Will. Be. Fine. Okay? Nothing will happen as long as you’re confident and even if it did, do you really think Niall will care? He loves you, he always will and he really, really won’t give a shit if you fall or forget your vows. Just go and be confident!” You reassured. She beamed at you and hugged you. “Thankyou! So sososososososoo much!”

—After the wedding— Niall came up to you as you were talking to Eleanor. He put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you in. “I heard you talked my wife back into marrying me..”he whispered. You smiled and looked up at him. “Thankyou baby girl.. It means a lot..” He smiled back and planted a small kiss on your forehead.

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